Gwennie Speaks

Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to the Dark Side of the Moon

Actually it is not all that bad. I saw the doc today and the CAT scan of my entire torso showed no change. That is the good news but the CA 27-29 tumor marker continues to rise. That is the blood test that tracks general movement and activity of the cancer. On this information and the fact that I have felt some aching in my hips, tailbone and ribs (and tingly hands and toes Yikes!) makes him think that the dastardly disease is actually growing and moving within my bones not on them.....which is why nothing showed on the bone scan in November.

So now it is back to throwing up (good thing to lose some of this self-indugent fat), losing hair (hello ugly wig), being tired (good excuse to do nothing). Although the doc says it should not be as bad this time. We shall see. I continue to follow with great interest the development of this disease and plan to be strong and good as long as I can.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Doc Knows Best

I saw the doc today and the summary is this: Stop Navelbine (not working), get CAT scan to see if there is progression to any soft tissue, if so begin Taxol, another chemo that should be effective since it is related to the Taxotere that I took last year and was very effective but made fluid collect around my lungs. If there is no progression, maybe hold off on chemo but is unlikely since the CA 27-29 (tumor marker) was up to 1200 last month. So on we go.

Palm Springs Delight

Having just returned from a wonderful bridge trip to Palm Springs, I am just now coming down from my bridge high. I won at least 11 gold points and some red. Of course this means nothing to most people but for the few in the world who understand that bridge is the most challenging, thrilling, and important game in the world, thank you for the cheers. I am very close now to achieving Life Master level. Only a very few thousand will share that honor and of course life masters are dying off at an alarming rate so it may very well be many fewer than I think.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mission accomplished for the day = and it's only 2pm

Well the day started beautifully with waking up way too early (9 am) but my darling daughter made coffee which I could smell from bed and always shall we say 'makes my day'. Off to a somewhat new chemo called navelbine. This was a second treatment and these are going pretty well. Much less nausea, headache and general discomfort. If I am able, this should continue for 6-8 months. I have been feelling a bit achey in the bones and joints and as usual am wondering if this is part of my disease or just being 55+. Then to crown the day I zipped over to my dentist to fill a broken upper molar. He was able with some encouragement to make it as simple and cheap as possible: remove the old filling and re-fill it and get me outa there with only $163.00 bill! Hooray and now I need a nap.

Welcome to my blog

I just recently discovered what was a blog so forgive my innapropriate, boring, or otherwise wrong entries. I love the idea of people being able to be updated as through a phone message with no pressure to respond whatsoever! Within my blog I hope you find information about which you may be interested, some memoirs of a somewhat ordinary and yet to me astounding life, recipies, and photos.