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Monday, November 14, 2005

Mission accomplished for the day = and it's only 2pm

Well the day started beautifully with waking up way too early (9 am) but my darling daughter made coffee which I could smell from bed and always shall we say 'makes my day'. Off to a somewhat new chemo called navelbine. This was a second treatment and these are going pretty well. Much less nausea, headache and general discomfort. If I am able, this should continue for 6-8 months. I have been feelling a bit achey in the bones and joints and as usual am wondering if this is part of my disease or just being 55+. Then to crown the day I zipped over to my dentist to fill a broken upper molar. He was able with some encouragement to make it as simple and cheap as possible: remove the old filling and re-fill it and get me outa there with only $163.00 bill! Hooray and now I need a nap.


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