Gwennie Speaks

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Doc Knows Best

I saw the doc today and the summary is this: Stop Navelbine (not working), get CAT scan to see if there is progression to any soft tissue, if so begin Taxol, another chemo that should be effective since it is related to the Taxotere that I took last year and was very effective but made fluid collect around my lungs. If there is no progression, maybe hold off on chemo but is unlikely since the CA 27-29 (tumor marker) was up to 1200 last month. So on we go.

Palm Springs Delight

Having just returned from a wonderful bridge trip to Palm Springs, I am just now coming down from my bridge high. I won at least 11 gold points and some red. Of course this means nothing to most people but for the few in the world who understand that bridge is the most challenging, thrilling, and important game in the world, thank you for the cheers. I am very close now to achieving Life Master level. Only a very few thousand will share that honor and of course life masters are dying off at an alarming rate so it may very well be many fewer than I think.